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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Repeat Performance

Today I fucked a guy I fucked late last year. I think I mentioned him briefly in passing in an earlier post or two; he is the guy who really, really wanted to get together again a few days later, and, when I told him I tend  to wait a while before I fuck the same guy again because I'm a great big whore, blocked my account. He unblocked me last week sometime and asked for my dick again, and sent some really nice new pictures, but I still wasn't quite feeling it. But over the weekend I kept going back to the pictures ("I've been working out!" he had said, and it looked like he had), and thinking I really wanted to cum in that body again. He is extremely well-shaped and nicely muscled, though they are fairly soft muscles, and perfectly smooth, as he is filipino. So today I texted him and asked him if he was free, and he was on his way home from work, so I drove over to give him a repeat performance.
He took his clothes off pretty quickly, leaving on just a little pair of briefs, which I kinda like on a nicely built guy, and I just spent some time with my clothes on admiring his body, turning him around, running my fingers over his bulges and biting his neck; he sighed and shuddered a bit and my meat began to swell in my pants. He reached back, felt it thickening there, and wanted to suck me, so I took my pants off and let him kneel in front of me and get me hard. We moved to the bed and the sight of him spread out in front of me, a muscular little body working on my now bone-hard tool, is just something I will never get tired of. Why these guys get with a hairy middle-aged slob like me is a total mystery but I felt like a king there with my arms spread out, my hairy gut plainly on display, thighs parted to give him access to my goods. He gives pretty good head.

I pulled off his underpants and got down there to eat out his spectacularly sweet ass. He has nice big balls and very sensitive thighs; stroking and licking them made him shake involuntarily. (He seemed to have oiled himself up with some kind of body butter, unfortunately, but not as bad as a guy I fucked a few years ago who seemed to have completely and utterly slathered himself with Burt's Bees Lavender Moisturizer and squeaked like a woman when I dicked him.) I remembered that last time I must have spent half an hour eating this filipino guy out, but I really just wanted to get my bone in him this time. So I slicked myself up and assumed the position. He backed into me, seemed to have a bit of trouble taking me, and took a hit of poppers. I licked his hole, balls, and thighs some more, and when I got my tongue back there I felt it open and let me in. So I put my dickhead back there, and let him slide back on me again, and this time it went in to the hilt.

About this time there was a huge racket in the hallway; someone had come in and was slamming things around outside. I'm in him up to the balls, feeling very fine, but I say, "Did someone just come in?" and he said it was his roommate. The last time, he'd told me the roommate was straight and didn't know he was gay, but he seemed completely blase about this. I asked if I should be quiet and he said don't worry about it, so I commenced to fucking.

And fucking and fucking and fucking. I took him from behind for several minutes, admiring my slick meat as it slid in and out of his shapely cheeks and listening to him moan in pleasure and tell me how good it felt, but he hopped up and got on his back and pulled his thighs back for easy entry; I remembered he seems to prefer getting fucked face to face. I like this too, especially when the bottom is very limber and I can sometimes press my whole body against his and still get a good length of thrust into him. We fit together beautifully no matter how close I got to him, but to keep from cumming too fast, I knelt with my hands on my hips and just dicked him with every inch of my bone, all the way in, all the way out, half the time exposing my whole dickhead and needing to push it back in. He was velvety and accommodating, and every time I fucked him fast he gasped and sighed and said it was so good, so good. But he loved the long slow strokes the best. "You are making me crazy," he said after the twentieth or so repeat of feeling all of my inches sliding in then out, and stared into my eyes while I gave him twenty more. This is the kind of fucking I've been needing. I was getting high from the pleasure.

"Put your arms and legs around me," I told him, and I put my whole weight on him, and bucked him slowly, sweating all over him, sucking his lips, feeling the heat build. I pulled back to avoid cumming but it was no use, I really had to this time, so I told him I was going to cum and pounded him as hard as I could while I unloaded.

The roommate had been banging around and flipping through songs on a loud stereo the whole time.

We rested and talked a bit; he put on the AC for me as it was pretty hot and I was drenched, and he told me about his long-distance boyfriend. I told him about my own open relationship. He petted my chest hair and tweaked my nipple the whole time, and kept telling me how great I am at fucking. Which I love to hear. "I needed this again, that's why I texted you the next day last time," he said. Apparently he just blocked me to avoid hitting me up over and over again and driving me crazy. Smart bottom! Dunno if I can top this fuck, but I'm glad I went back for this time.

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